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Emotional Draining

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  • Emotional Draining

    I know the place where tears are kept

    That spring from deep inside

    They rise from some eternal wishing well

    To trace the corner of your eye

    Some people call it sadness

    Others call it fear

    Regrets you bet among us

    When others make you cry

    Oh the strong and arduous

    That think that they can hide

    The trembling lip, the voice that slips

    With empathy denied

    Yet when the tears come flowing

    They’re accompanied by a wish

    For things most times we cannot change

    Although we’d like to try

    So if you’d like to cry for me

    Go ahead and be my guest

    It’s deep and only natural

    From a well that’s never dry



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    great to get people to show emotion and prove nothing wrong with it. poetry often makes me cry as it is so thought provoking and this is exactly what you have done and me reading this. everyone needs to get in touch with emotions.


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      For most all my life I've been an 'easy crier' - shedding tears of both sorrow and joy. It used to make me self-conscious. Then I met people who couldn't cry - and realized it is a gift.