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Neither Either (some nonsense wordplay)

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  • Neither Either (some nonsense wordplay)

    Think between the thin and thick,

    That is neither thin nor fat.

    Shall it be short or tall,

    Big or small, the ball or bill?

    Whack the black and white,

    Slight the slack and tight,

    The light and heavy height,

    The rift between the left and right.

    Streak the strong from weak,

    Meld the bold and meek.

    Arrive deprive depart,

    Beloved below above.

    A brim of bright and dim,

    Found within the free and bound.

    Lend or borrow bond,

    Hold the hot and cold,

    Less moss or more,

    Slid rapid slow.

    Serial serious trivial,

    Happy and sad had sappy feelings,

    Have hate, have love,

    Thus the them and us.

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    You may name it nonsense - but I found it fun! Thanks for this one The Great Depression .


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      It was fun to read.


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        loved the word play. if this was experimental poetry it worked. if I was to rate this I would not neither or either but give it top marks. thanks for sharing.