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  • crowd funding poetry beg vine

    crowd funding poetry beg vine 06.12.18


    i don't want to work

    so the reader i am going to rob

    creating anger is going to lurk

    when you get home and read after gruelling job.

    on-line are suckers

    in screen can you see reflection

    don't like to swear but label dumb buckers

    now clear is connection.

    poetry is my tool

    going to say it loud

    so i can be a spectacular fool

    help is needed from crowd.

    want to start broadcasting

    rhymes are in my blood

    from the best village i am blasting

    eventually the whole of uk will flood.

    calling out rights and wrongs

    naming and shaming is the arrive r

    london programme now has pongs

    silence is bliss from phillips screwdriver.

    going to set up web link

    please help poetry balloon

    no way is balance going to shrink

    the vine inspired no money in no funding poetry boom.