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  • Rockin' Santa

    Rockin’ Santa

    Santa is coming.
    Make sure doors are locked.
    He’s driving wild reindeer
    and he’s doing the “rock”.
    Half the presents
    were left at North Pole
    but he didn’t care
    with still “rock” in his bowl.
    On Donner! On Blinkie!
    Aahh! Who can remember names.
    Santa had the “rock”
    and his brain was aflame.
    Crashing into skyscrapers,

    missing towers so narrow,
    Santa took a toke
    and straightened like an arrow.
    Inside, I wrapped presents.

    Outside, it was cold
    when something hit the roof
    like out of control.
    I threw on my coat,
    dashed into my sandals.
    Surprised! I saw Santa
    with a fifth of Jack Daniels.
    He said “Christmas is over.
    I’m stoppin’ the clock
    and headin’ ‘cross town

    where there’s plenty of rock.”
    I said “Santa, this is Christmas.
    You don’t need any scandals.
    On your feet soldier!”
    and took the fifth of Jack Daniels.
    I helped him to the sleigh and
    his head seemed to clear.
    He twinkled and said “Thanks,
    I’ll make Christmas this year.”

    He was gone in an instant,
    tho’ unsteady in his manner
    but with rock “off” his brain,

    we’ll have Christmas from Santa.
    Sometimes what’s needed to free one man
    from moments of madness is one helping hand
    but hold back, hesitate, refuse or spurn
    and there’ll be no hand extended
    when it’s your turn!


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    Ah, the Santa we know and love !


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      thank you for giving us this poem santa oppps I mean namyh. fantastic and fast flowing and a gift to read. you should frame it and give is as a present.


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        The Great Depression - After I helped him to his sleigh, he went back to the North Pole to get the forgotten presents. Now I just know i'm gonna get that Flash Gordon X-ray gun with the Ming 'rapid fire' grip. LOL. The red one! I can't wait! Thanks GD for stopping in to enjoy a little poetic helping hand. Happy Holidays. Namyh


        • Neil Thomas Fellows
          Neil Thomas Fellows commented
          Editing a comment
          Happy holidays to you too. Careful with the Flash Gordon gun.

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        LMAO! Funny poem!


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          Poemzone - Santa is a guy who’s got a big job to do. He’s got to keep the North Pole running, upgrade manufacturing, support an elves working staff, maintain public relations and prevent reindeer from becoming an endangered species, especially that one with the red nose and then deliver 364 days of work in one night. Whew! So with a helping hand I cut Santa some slack even when he fell off the wagon and out of that sled from 30 feet up and onto my roof. Hey, maybe I will give this work as a present. Thanks PZ. Namyh
          P.S. - I wonder how much that Jack Daniels bottle is worth on Ebay. Hmmmmmm!


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            Now HERE's a new spin on the old tale. Glad you were home to help Santa carry on with business!


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              Rhymeboy - Look at it this way. We human beings can't help straying from the right path. We often fall off of it and sometimes what gets us back on our feet is one helping hand. Extending a helping hand and SAVING any soul from his or her degenerate side is after all what Christmas is all about, a present you don't even have to wrap. Thanks for stepping with me outside the box or as some might prefer outside the bubble which I kinda like too, even though it won't get me off the naughty list. Ho! Ho! Ho! and thanks RB for your LMAO. Glad you had fun. Namyh


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                RhymeLovingWriter - I was mighty glad to help Santa and so happy you stopped by. When I helped him up, I saw his list and you're definitely on it RLW! LOL. Thanks. Namyh


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                  Happy Holiday to everyone and thanks. Namyh