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There's A White Man On My Roof!

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  • There's A White Man On My Roof!

    I decided to post a nice funny Christmas poem! I hope you all enjoy!:


    There's a white man
    on my roof!
    And I snapped a picture
    to show as proof

    But my neighbors here
    think it's a sham
    So, I posted the picture
    on Instagram

    The man is fat
    His face is round
    His belly makes
    a jiggling sound

    His boots are black
    His suit is red
    With a matching cap
    upon his head

    When ----- he smiles
    his face would wrinkle
    And in ----- each eye
    there was a twinkle

    He lands on my roof
    ev'ry year
    with his fancy sleigh
    and eight reindeer

    I always wake
    when I hear his sleigh
    When he arrives the night
    before Christmas Day

    When I hear his sleigh
    I run outside
    In the snow
    I slip and slide

    Up on the roof
    I see him there!
    With his beard
    and snow white hair!

    On ----- his sleigh
    is a large ----- brown sack
    which ---- he slings
    onto ----- his back

    The sack is filled
    with treats and toys
    And other cool stuff
    for girls and boys

    Down the chimney!
    I watch him go!
    I hear him laughing,
    "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

    I don't call the cops
    And it's just because
    the White Man's name
    is Santa Claus!

    I'm up on the roof
    when he gets back
    and I peek into
    his large brown sack

    "Merry Christmas, Lad!"
    The white man said
    I left you some coal!
    and a lump of lead!

    All the reindeer laughed
    which was thought-provoking
    But then I realized
    he was only joking

    He said -----"You are on my list
    You were marked as 'Good'
    And you got all ----- the new toys
    a good boy should!"

    With a wink of his eye
    I'm back on the ground
    Right where I was
    safe and sound

    He jumps into his sleigh
    with a flying flip
    And then he simply
    cracks his whip

    I watch his reindeer
    leap up high
    As they pull his sleigh
    up toward the sky

    He waves to me
    as he zooms by
    Wow! his reindeer
    really fly!

    He calls ----- each reindeer
    by its name
    But to me ---- they all
    just look the same

    His sleigh bells ring
    a lovely tune
    As I watch the sleigh
    fly past the moon

    I know ----- Christmas
    will soon ---- be here
    But ----- I can't wait
    until he comes ---- next year!

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    Sounds of the season...ho, ho, ho!


    • Rhymeboy
      Rhymeboy commented
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      Lol! thanks for reading! I made the title a little 'unique' so people would read it! Lol!

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    Rhymeboy - That was fun and uplifting. Great job RB. Now I'm gettin' that Christmasy feeling all over again and I kinda wanna wrap presents. Whoa! Namyh


    • Rhymeboy
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      Lol! Thanks for reading and commenting, Namyh!