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    the illusion

    outside my dreams

    takes up space

    somewhere gardening

    searches for spade

    and the back hoe

    strip-mined gleaming

    the taste of earth

    falling in my mouth

    bare trees taking off

    a slough of leaves

    little pamphlets line

    these flaming streets

    and the cold kiss

    rings a midnight lip

    all around the rink

    skating toward the sun

    waiting to dismiss this

    inside axis dances

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    A wonderfully psychedelic piece which sends one to the outer limits at warp speed!! Well done amenOra !


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      Flattered you used the term "psychedelic" as that's one of my favorite "themes", I like skewing sense. Warp speed x2 lol Thanks Rhymeboy

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    Big Crunch

    Time set askew
    earth swallows plough
    Adam untreads the furrow
    Galactic pool-balls back-spin on cue
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    • amenOra
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      lovely construction there Johntee thankya & take care

    • Johntee
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      Your response got in while
      I was still edit/thinking

    • amenOra
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      hah I like the addition. Bukowski had a title of the same words in one of his, before, too.