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Birth of the valley shaman

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  • Birth of the valley shaman


    Much has changed since touching in the first darkness

    Newborn corpse, uncircumcised, day of birth in the star life
    Aroused in the warm water of the rose bath, sounds of wind chimes
    Rustling leaves in the talking grass
    Cloud faces gathering, gawking over the holy separation, chanting
    Offerings to the nomadic child
    Headdress of vision, necklace of power
    Rings and bracelets inscribed with prayer and song
    Soul copulation on my maiden voyage of sleep
    I humped my medicine man chaos across sterile waters deep
    Over grinding coral cities of shallow tolerance
    Gliding west to find you weak and barely aware
    Holding the cursing hand of the mother of nights
    She struggled in labor with an eastern sun
    That is where I came to dream in your play yard
    Cool springs beneath a flaccid field feed the willows root
    The clan and flock rested on head and knee
    A floating boy, third day of seven in the ninth year of your dead life
    Waiting for your soulful eyes to prick me
    You rise awkward from the valley floor
    Walking through dried blood darkness to the spirit door
    You gaze upon me as a pulsating orb, luminescence of a firefly
    Becoming terrified of the vision as any young shepherd
    From that morning forward the days of nights you will settled in
    Snake people of the hill caves will tempt to disgrace you
    Their bones are disjointed, bodies moving like silica sand
    Skins painted as floral garments, the feel of silk
    They will attempt to wash away your bloodline with their mouths
    Earth of the bearer will keep your faith hidden
    You will learn to lie in earnest, for truth’s sake
    Elders of the dipped moon pray
    Cleanse the lost hunters of their dogged dreams
    Anoint the young wolf’s head with the vision of the adversary
    Deliver healing and precious sight to the watchman’s realm
    Build this seer a stable carriage for the journey
    A ridged universal mind full of wealthy spirits
    Advancing into the world of flesh and wars
    Give his feet eyes and his hands flight
    A tongue hotter than the sun
    To burn the languid sickness that has come


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    What a trip you took us on. Love the way the language sat, those rhymes and ideas, you fly high-- and come back to ground. Lovely dicings through this of freshness, revisioning of what I have known by another shown, some great images, and some enigmatic ideal focuses. That's at first buff. Really dug this though. Keep it up, thanks for sharing. With love.