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Dogged days

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  • Dogged days

    Dogged days

    Those dreary, dreadful dogged days

    Of dullard lives consumed in haze

    Pointlessly plodding, life’s long plight

    The sole reprieve dead dark of night

    In shadows gloom where life oft hides

    Fantasy lurks where dreams abide

    Treasures, measures and could have beens

    Would have and should have, without sin

    No going back, this is our fate

    Stuck here with what we’ve made to date

    We wait in dark for sun to rise

    To struggle on towards our demise

    Trudging, toiling, all to succeed

    Through daily grind to feed our need

    Answers have questions, what’s the cost?

    Too late it’s learned just what was lost

    We learn and yearn as life starts weak

    And charge through strong to end at meek

    Days seek weeks catching months for years

    What’s real will wane to feed our fears

    As sure as death we’ll reach the end

    It’s always just around the bend

    So while you’re lost seeking a start

    Release the child trapped in you heart.

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    reach out and grab oppertunits I get from your poetry that was extremely well written. loved the struggle we all have and the push to go further was excellent. tittle of poetry just adds to the power of your poem. all in all tittle and poem was a pleasure to read and I thank you for sharing.