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Low bridge everybody down

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  • Low bridge everybody down

    The pit, the hole, the well of living hell

    Not someplace where man should dwell

    Living in that gritty past

    The glass half empty, I know where we’ve been

    Free at last, free at last

    Grumblings for those that care to feast

    On poetry

    The mule wouldn’t go in the barn to eat

    Dam the jam the door to low

    It brushed his ears, he wouldn’t go

    Shall we dig a trench just for one

    Or cut ear patterns just for fun

    Stand and stare, feel out of luck

    Got a mule that will not duck

    Living in the past is slow race to the top

    A single beam of light will shine though a dense woods

    If you stand in the perfect place

    Finding that place? Put your differences aside

    Yes, I see it now, flicking

    The old barn burning down

    The new one will have a taller door

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    I'm all for taller doors. And need not live in the past to remember.

    Sometimes folks get stuck, is all. It happens to everyone and is amazingly unrelated to any factor but the human condition itself.


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      did you see the duck ? great poetry and just pleasure and joy to read even if felt myself stooping down at screen.


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        I noticed in this one, perspective skewing. The beginning concrete examples further into the "time" element, and then you put that right propped by next "the glass half empty" -- which brought life into that connection. I have read one should only go three layers of metaphor deep, at most. I really enjoyed this, good language employed, not overly contentious but certainly "sharp" ... and the end is nice, I love the warp again of the senses. Last stanza, "shining through*" I figured was a typo.

        It is nice that it ends with "taller door", as I have heard the most beautiful word combination in the English language is "cellar door"

        Thankyou for sharing, a journey, a delight. Hope you're doing well, and Kudos--