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If Heaven is my Final Place

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  • If Heaven is my Final Place

    If Heaven is my Final Place,
    what’s the Fate I’ll have to Face?
    Meet Folks on the Other Side,
    perhaps from Some would rather Hide.

    Wonder what’s the Procedure,
    can Opt Out or must Endure?
    Parade, Banquet, Angel Bar,
    any Case could be Bizarre.

    Pray there’ll Be a Welcome Desk,
    Questionnaire that’s not Grotesque.
    With a Square that’s Large and Lonely,
    mark Meet & Greet as "Invite Only."

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    Interesting musing on the afterlife Bob! All I've read by people who've been or had visions mark it as a place beyond word description - though I like your attempt!


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      A wonderment to all it seems - just my take I guess. Thank you!


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
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        Thank you. Your poetry often makes me think about things I'd otherwise miss in life. I like that.