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  • To dream

    To dream is to strive

    For hope kept alive

    Darkness kept at bay

    When shadows appear

    They feed on the fear

    Which the mind will play

    It’s only the dreams

    That lessens the screams

    Leaking from the dark

    A glimmer of light

    Brightening our flight

    Flame built from a spark

    As we fight our way

    The storms kept at bay

    Peace bought for a time

    The promise of hope

    Life’s method to cope

    Traction for the climb

    Beware of the doomed

    Hid deep in their tomb

    Living in the night

    With cries of ‘oh my!

    And a falling sky

    Giving up the fight

    Their focus on pain

    Ignoring life’s gains

    Living in their fear

    Few memories of play

    In each darkened day

    Souls bereft of cheer

    Ignore them, their voice

    The light is your choice

    Live for your desire

    To dream is to find

    The map of your mind

    Let your passion fire
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    Not sure why this was flagged. It should be visible to all now. Dream on....@tmetel.