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  • mcsh1t

    Mcsh1t 02.11.18


    welcome to no red and yellow

    no brightness storms

    at head office all not mellow

    sending in poetry infested with coliforms.

    mr matewele was surprised

    in other words a warning that's critical

    eating a big mac and i realised

    that i'm more likely to pick up a infection then in hospital.

    ordering like on a touch screen phone

    after visiting toilet to wash fingers

    now infected with toxic shock syndrome

    staphylococcus in back round as it lingers.

    unlike poetry its highly contagious

    not comparing it to a open cut

    very resistant is staphylococcus

    spreading from holloway to oxford street is this smut.

    advice to lady's expecting

    no macdonalds any time soon

    the health of your baby is connecting

    best make aware those with weak immune.

    25 percent is putting me off ronald

    going to roll a joint and be a stoner

    at all costs won't enter a macdonald

    refuse to accept free gift of pneumonia.

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    Hear, hear!