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  • Only Now

    She was going to say goodbye,

    Her lips soft and unexpected next to mine,

    Eyes flaring wide then shut to savour, stretching time,

    A warmth without measure spreading fire.

    Her penetrating kiss finding my inmost.

    And at once a pleasant amputation

    As all that once was, abstracted and thrown away.

    All of spirit's yearnings concentrated to this one point of affection.

    The delicious yielding firmness of intent,

    Cheek brushing cheek, as we exchange our exquisite frailty.

    And in the stillness, a tear is felt.

    She does not sense the movement of my hand,

    The muzzle now resting close to temple.

    Nothing should be allowed to follow this moment.

    Let it end here.

    Let there be only now.

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    so great and wanting to bring closure. tidy work.


    • The Great Depression
      The Great Depression commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you for taking the time to read something so bleak. I deliberately kept the narrative vague. Does he shoot her or himself? Why and who are they? I don't think any other information really matters when life boils down to that. Not a great poem but I'm not a great poet - that's for sure! Your work is better, sir.