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  • Grimly Fiendish

    Saunters with an understated swagger

    Faded pallor frames a smile that’s grimly fiendish

    The crimson moons heralds his coming

    On a night that won’t spare the hearses

    Independent shadows flirt with the moons glow

    Clustering entourage haunting his hunger

    As his undulating stride flows with no remorse

    Silence echoes as he permits you to peep

    You watch as his fingers caress, grasp, twist

    Revealing the sweet candy love hearts

    One deftly extracted from its wrapper

    On his palm letters dance into carnage

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    Sounds like Halloween rung your bell a bit late (or early?)-- I love the poem, and it certainly makes me feel those holiday Spirits. You've a way with words! Thematic, and sweet, it makes me remember. Thanks + Kudos!


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Thank you. I started to write a story last month but It is nowhere near finished. This is a character from that

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    That's going to be some story Jon! This is gripping - particularly the last three words - I look forward to reading the finished product.