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mr kipper set up for EVER log

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  • mr kipper set up for EVER log

    Last edited by poemzone; 01-27-2019, 01:52 PM.

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    I wasn't sure where this was going, so googled "Mr. Kipper" and found an article about the disappearance of Susanna Lamplugh. Is this in reference?

    Also, you still have me wondering why NEVER and EVER are the only words capitalized in your poetry. If you've addressed it already (I'm not as regular a visitor as I used to be in the zone), sorry if I missed it. Care to share again, if so?


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      no problem rhymelovingwriter. never and ever are highlighted to do just that - HIGHLIGHT SOMEONE. mr kipper was indeed implicated of ms lamplugh but to my knowledge he was not found or convicted but the most important thing is when wrong doing happens and people are set up they say and I quote - "set up like a kipper". hope that explains a bit more but I don't want to say any more as I like my poetry to be open to interpretation and entirely up to the reader.


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        I didn't know that saying! Thanks for further elucidation!