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  • Alone

    When was it that your life was lost?

    The countless, careless ways that cut you deep.

    For no-one saw the wounded soul

    Beneath the disregard that calloused all.

    And even then, there always was

    The raw reactive flesh inside.

    Did someone care as you let go?

    And slipped below the waves.

    But you had drowned before

    In bitter hopes and dreams of cruel teasing.

    And still they did not see you.

    Not really. Not as you appear

    To that knowing inner certain eye,

    Fearful of all that life presents,

    And by its jaundiced gaze you withdrew your hand.

    And if you truly end it now,

    What guarantee is given that it will truly end?

    For fearful ghosts are seldom seen,

    And, like you, walk in torment of the lives they never had.

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    Very moving capture of such depth of sadness. We all desire to be noticed - and need affirmation if not validation of our worth.

    So glad you brought this to the Rhymezone The Great Depression . Welcome to a forum where do our best to support each other as we practice the art of poetry!


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      You must be a very kind and sensitive lady. Thank you for such a lovely welcome. I hope you don't think I am as depressed as my poems or Nom de plume would suggest. Rhymezone is a great place and writing makes me very happy. I guess I write miserable stuff because I cannot stand superficiality. Bless you.


      • RhymeLovingWriter
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        You have found very good company here - as you'll see. Many thanks for the blessing - may it return to you with peace besides!

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      your poetry is exactly what I feel but can't able to express it. Very nicely all words are selected thanks for sharing


      • The Great Depression
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        Hi there! I'm new here myself. Hope you enjoy this forum; they are such a nice bunch of people and it's good to get a little encouragement now and then. Thanks for reading. I hope you feel free to express yourself in any words you like and join in. I would never have been able to write it if I hadn't been through it. Glad to say that there is always always hope, even in the darkest days. As for the afterlife, I'm rather looking forward to it.

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      life after life but with risk of it being no better. excellent how you put across this message. nice poetry.


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        Beneath the disregard
        the raw reactive flesh inside.

        Nicely turned phases