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  • Cravings

    Cravings cover Lots of Stuff,
    Blinding Sex to Cans of Snuff.
    But today I Rhyme of Eats,
    specifically of Sinning Sweets.

    Good Sense seems to Be at War,
    when I Seek the Grocery Store.
    Self-Control just never Sings,
    ‘cause They have So many Things!

    Why buy One when Can buy Many,
    ‘specially If can Save a Penny.
    Seems the Aisles I like the Most,
    filled with Cookies – Not with Roast.

    When get Home – I gorge Enough,
    then Where do I put this Stuff?
    In the Freezer – On the Rack,
    maybe Later I’ll be Back?

    Then darn Conscience speaks its Mind,
    better Think of my Behind.
    Sure don’t Seem it’s hardly Fair,
    when forget I’ve put them There.

    Over time the Cravings Back,
    and I think I’ll get a Snack.
    Remember now Where it all Sits,
    then the Truth just Gives me Fits.

    Ice Cream all has Freezer Burn,
    Cookies hard as Churning Urn,
    Chocolate Candies turned to Mush,
    Popsicle's have become Slush.

    Think when Cravings Strike anew,
    I would Know just What to Do,
    Responsible Adult is Clear,
    but that Guy ain’t living Here.

  • #2
    Too true! Rueful, I view the sucrose.


    • #3
      A partner in crime so to speak - Granted!


      • #4
        Temptation lures in every aisle this time of year - and stay away from the endcaps!


        • Johntee
          Johntee commented
          Editing a comment
          Interesting to see they have a name.
          I've usually thought of them as "Aisle Ends"

      • #5
        End caps should be outlawed!


      • #6
        love food poetry as everyone has to eat and more often then not we all like the naughty stuff which is 5 seconds on lips and life time on hips. most enjoyable fun poetry bob and make sure you keep writing. love your poetry.


        • #7
          Thank you - didn't think anyone read the previously posted items.