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  • Dull heart

    He makes a Vampire of Source

    Sheen by sheen this stranded thing,
    Dancing in the cross-hair, hanged, jewel-bright,
    Red as the carcass, but pink as the pearl.
    Moving my little eddies, jutting, flaking,
    The underwater nerves untense, and disbar:

    Open-mouthed suckers. -- Little lilies above
    Undulate by long slender grassy currents,
    -- they scan the bottom with softened underbelly.

    Grown on the shells of turtles, this age,
    It's the blank eyes of a child seeing light
    And knowing what came from the dark-inside.
    It's the afterbirth, the melancholy winter
    Freezing and thawing in cycles, to release

    This tinged thing with so many wings,
    Lost plaything,-- a stream that refuses.
    It's the shutting eyes sewn on a pillowcase

    Movement of our dullest heartbreaks.

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    Your aptitude for imagery coalesces here in a beautifully made portrait of an organ and its manifold effects. I like the careful 1-5-3-5-3-1 stanza line count; well done. So many powerful phrases I can't begin to quote. Makes sense to me, this wonderful work.


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      Yeah, with this one the structure arose spontaneously. Serendipity, or something Thanks for stoppin' by, always good to 'connect', and thereby better understand. Peace!

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    It amazes me this structure arose spontaneously - it was the first thing I noticed - even before beginning to read!

    I was just mentioning to Grant about his poem "All That Resolve" which makes me think - then think again. This piece will pull from me similar action. Some words need repeated rumination (is that redundant) before fullest appreciation arrives.

    Thank you, poet, for providing riches to ponder.


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      Thanks for coming thru, reading and all. I get what you mean, definitely, and it's quite mysterious how that works, isn't it. I try to be cogent and cohere more than before, because that is something I have struggled with -- clarity and direction met with meaning.
      Peace and Thankz.