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  • mercury-dracula

    red as the sun going down
    welcome to cherry woods
    welcome to burnished glints
    studied by the seer eye
    welcome soon now to depart
    waiting on a line to pull
    tug me down the river's edge
    pent up in my worth beyond
    stayed standing still for you
    wanted more than waiting, too.
    bundles of cloth and needles
    fateful weavings mean Faith
    the father that giveth taketh
    and the wolf morning consumes
    dilating pupils to adjust them
    thought's temple drumming
    thrumming in this electric field.

    watch them wander through the endless abyss,
    as fields like these grow tense in wires spliced within;
    tarry capers, mistake thought for thunder, eclipse
    in ice, over the entirety of the water and land
    encased. hands from elsewhere move above slopes,
    casted shadows instruct the willy-nilly, towards
    eyes that fire lights with wicks of incandescent wire,
    the world of broken things in constant repair.
    no wonder, you laugh without thinking, that pain
    hugs with hunger what it always knew, o always knew;--
    but not any more, the thunder, the thunder gets to you.

    and that is the way of the path between the two,
    Nature submits to nature, frolicsome adventure endued.

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    Ever present in your writing is strong movement - motion, captured (often in ways I can't understand but rather sense), as if the process of putting words to paper (so to speak) holds them for release until the reader engages. That might serve as a definition of all poetic endeavor on one level, but this is much more intense to me in your works than my often simple rhyme.


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
      Editing a comment
      Nice, I'm glad you described how you see/feel it! I am glad you engage, sorry if sometimes it's challenging, o as my mind sometimes is! lol but you make a lot of sense.
      it's sort of stylistic, what i think you're speaking of, ya know.
      I like to tinker. and i like to share and care too lol. thank you fellow zoner... take care.