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The Funny Suicide Of Sammy Snow

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  • The Funny Suicide Of Sammy Snow


    This is the story
    of Sammy Snow
    a man who lived
    not long ago

    Sammy Snow
    was sad ---- and stressed
    He often walked
    around depressed

    He thought of things
    he never had
    And that made Sammy
    very sad

    He thought of places
    he'd never been
    He thought he'd never
    laugh again

    Sammy Snow
    was on his own
    Sammy often
    lived alone

    He had nothing
    left to give
    He had --- no reason
    left to live

    Sammy decided
    to leave a note
    And this is what
    Ol' Sammy wrote:

    I have No Kids
    I have No Wife
    I'll Jump from Bridge
    to end my Life

    Sammy ---- grabbed a beer
    from out the fridge
    and walked ---- straight out
    to Brandon Bridge

    He let out ---- a couple
    of weary sighs
    Then Sammy gently
    closed his eyes

    He arched his back
    into a hump
    And my oh my,
    did sammy jump!

    But the bridge
    was two feet high
    So when he jumped
    he did not die

    And ---- although Sammy
    was ----- not hurt
    he landed in
    a pile of dirt

    Now ----- Sammy landed
    on ---- his head
    At first ---- he thought
    that ---- he was dead

    Dirt ----- and dust
    was everywhere
    Even on
    his clothes and hair

    Covered in dirt
    He brushed it off
    The dust made Sammy
    sneeze and cough

    Sammy Snow
    began to laugh
    then went home
    to take a bath

    In the tub
    sipping a Coke
    Sammy enjoyed
    a nice warm soak

    No longer feeling
    sad and crappy
    Sammy Snow
    was very happy

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    this was a fantastic read and from start to end I had no idea how it was going to end like that as I was expecting suicide. you clearly showed the power of poetry with this peace and the poem tittle is just as powerful as the poem as it all leads to a brilliant idea of this poem. top marks from me.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you, poemzone!!!!!! Your wonderful comments are greatly appreciated!

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    A poem to make you smile. I too didn't expect the ending but love the idea. Thank you


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you Parkinsonspoet!

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    I like how it's still called a 'suicide' even though he survives. To me, it's as if a version of himself - the miserable one, unable to find joy in life - did actually die in the two-foot plunge, to be replaced by a self with a new appreciation for the simple pleasures. The fact that he was covered in dirt by the fall seems like a kind of burial.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Wow! You are so deep! Your insight is remarkable! I would have loved to have someone like you as a literature professor when I was in college! As always, your expert commentary is greatly appreciated.

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    I enjoyed the pace, the rhyme and the story.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank You AtL! As always, your comments are greatly appreciated!

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    I agree with those above. The terms 'funny' and 'suicide' seem to contradict - yet you've woven verses in which they fit just fine. I enjoy your rhyme. Keep it coming!


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you, RLW! Funny and Suicide were put together intentionally to make sure people read it! Lol! I wrote a couple of really good pieces like the 'Shroud' that nobody stopped to read because they were very 'appropriately' named. So I decided to be a little inappropriate this time.

    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      Well, it worked!