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  • One man's treasure

    One man’s treasure

    Fills his leisure

    Gadget pleasure

    A device for every task

    An idea we didn’t have

    A machine we didn’t need

    A fashion that we must have

    Shiny toys newer model

    Apped devices are so smart

    Short life span or obsolete

    Technology forever

    We fill our life with new desires

    Casting aside our former pride

    Out of our sight out of our mind

    To a graveyard in another land

    Whether broken, boring or bad ideas

    Born of man’s own industry

    Children of our factories

    Transported across the oceans

    One man’s treasure

    With alchemy becomes debris

    Yet components destiny

    Another man’s treasure

    Scoured and sifted for chance

    That science can reanimate

    Components reincarnate

    Prophets recycle for profits

    A land filled burnished under the sun

    Bones bleached bluster laid bare

    Electronic carcases remains piled

    Parts cannibalised for reanimation

    Ingenuity, entrepreneurs earns

    Tiny tycoons trade in toxic city

    A mercurial market of materials

    Led to leadlined in fortunes quest

    Rushed in roulette

    One mans treasure

    Another’s poison

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    You've managed to capture a whole process with deft, insightful strokes, Parkinsonspoet - not just what happens but what it means. Salutes!


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      The media has recently discussed solutions to plastic bag pollution as though that is the only issue. We need to address all our waste issues. I wanted to highlight another aspect

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    Well done Jon.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      thank you Alexandre

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    The encouraging thing is that I've been seeing more articles lately of creative repurposing, particularly of plastics. Not on the scale at which they are discarded, but definitely a step in a better direction.

    I liked Grant's comment. You did capture the whole process. Kudos for that!


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Thank you I believe we have to see the whole process to deal with it - don't feel we will ever do anything about it just dealing with the end product.