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  • Big or Little?

    Big or LittleFiddle Diddle,
    First or Last or in the Middle?
    Words upon the Page they Seed,
    which Ones are the First you Read?

    Tiny can be Sizable,
    Jumbo Short advisable.
    Scant so Vast you cannot See,
    Huge the Brief down To his Knee.

    Slight to Large her Taste in Clams,
    Vast to Short for Earthen Dams.
    Petite the Rat until it’s Fat,
    Ample bugs - Tiny when Splat.

    Big or Little – (Think it Through),
    why I wrote ThisHAVE NO CLUE?

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    I'd applaud you for the patience it must have taken to format this - if nothing else - but the poem is very cleverly delivered too!


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      Thank you. Did you take it out of the SPAM folder? If so - thank you for that as well. There was no intentional nasty nomenclature in it; however, I suppose it makes sense to be cautious when an old man starts messing with words.


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
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        You're welcome. Yes - I did. Not sure exactly what landed it there. Perhaps the unique formatting? All is good now.

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      you may not have a clue but humour springs to my mind and this was a great read and my appreciation is HUGE. lol


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        Thank you.


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          I love poems that rhyme, and you added a fun twist with the fonts and sizes. Thanks for sharing this!

          Keith - Towing Fort Wayne


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            Thank you. Do you tow the big rigs or smaller vehicles?


            • TowTruckFortWayne
              TowTruckFortWayne commented
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              We tow both BIG and small vehicles.

          • #8
            If I ever break down in your area then I will summon you in Rhyme.


            • #9
              This is an intricate piece of poetic engineering, Bob. The interplay between concept, rhyme, and font size is a wonder to behold!


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                Thank you so much - means a lot!