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  • Blinded

    The perfect sky
    The sun so bright
    Everything I see should've been clear
    But something's not right, I fear

    Worms in the eyes
    A mental demise
    Everything I see is not what it should be
    Everything's now dark and blurry, to me

    When everything should be clear
    When there are sunsets, twilit skies
    There is no joy try to see true beauty
    Through grey, broken eyes

    Even when I rinse
    The decay within
    Everything's still the same
    And I've only got myself to blame

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    allot of self blaming in this poetry and maybe you are expressing how you have gone wrong with decision and this may not be about seeing as is looking ie blinded. if this is the case it is excellent poetry. very much enjoyed reading this poem.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Actually, this was written from a photographer's perspective. Thanks for the comment though

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    Rose colored glasses/lens would likely achieve no victory when the eye behind the lens lies blinded. Interesting poem Bry89 .


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      I actually wrote this from a photographer's perspective, especially when it comes to problems with the lens/sensor (which happened to my own camera last year).

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    I want to write a poem here.....