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  • I Am Someone

    They don't know my name
    They don't wish to know me
    They had pushed me here
    To where I no longer see

    A shadow of no figure
    Lack of recognition
    To feel left alone here
    It wasn't my ambition

    They think they acknowledge
    But they all walk past through
    Movements bring on these vibes
    So glad I'm not like you

    And if that's how it is
    Then that's okay, I'm still alive
    What matters most is the person
    Not just the fractured mind

    See me
    I am someone
    Somebody like you
    But not the same as you

    Masquerade with the crowd
    Never to show my own face
    I know I'd be looked down anyway
    In this forgotten place

    Silently standing as clocks go
    Musing about life, and myself
    But feeling secluded from it all
    The worst I've ever felt

    See me
    I am someone
    Somebody like you
    But not the same as you

    See me
    I am human
    Something like you
    But never like you

    Anything about me
    Of how it's portrayed
    But your shallow opinion on me
    At least you had your say

    Why must I be treated
    Differently to all the others?
    The stigma is of no relevance
    What matters more is for me to see
    Through my own eyes, a life full of colour
    For once

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    this poem is all about value. I feel you have not been valued and this could be down to a prejudice or some sort or racism. very well expressed and easy to read with flow. you are someone and and secondly this peace makes you a poet. very good write.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      When I wrote this, I had mental illness in mind, and how you are seen by others with it. I suppose anything to do with race or even transgender identity can apply too. Thanks for your kind feedback