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  • Face To Face

    This trepidation, just by the thought
    Of coming across the unknown
    Like a gush of air from the dark

    The expectation, not what it seemed
    Don't know whether to shake it off
    Or confront what is heading towards me

    There is no escape, I've got to see
    The reality that was once a false vision
    Delusions are now irrelevant

    And there has to be a reason, to why you're here
    You can't just stand there with two gaping eyes
    Just to give me a sensation of fear

    I find myself, here
    I find myself face to face
    With you
    I want nothing to do with you

    We found ourselves, right here
    We come face to face
    For the first ever time
    And now, things just won't be the same

    Memories burned, deep into the cortex
    I'll always remember this one encounter
    I never saw it coming, and I swear

    Reality calls for another try at this
    But there is no escaping from life itself
    And sometimes it can be unforgiving
    If I ever see your face, again