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  • tmetel
    commented on 's reply
    It is just you....sorry. Perhaps if you put a cell phone up to your face no one will notice.

  • poemzone
    positive poetry propped up by confidence. do it and odo it loud and good. very encouraging poetry.

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  • Treeclimber
    I like this poem but my first thought was that I always talk when I walk! Even when I'm alone or riding my horse. Is it just me lol?

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Lovely expression of truth. Thank you for this gem.

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  • tmetel
    started a topic The walk

    The walk

    You can talk

    Or you can walk

    It really is your choice

    To conceive

    What you believe

    It takes more than your voice

    All want trust

    It is a must

    Seen as consequential

    So be true

    One of the few

    Live to your potential

    Hard, it’s not

    With all you’ve got

    Make real just what you say

    It’s the walk

    And not the talk

    That shines the light of day