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Life is Like a Tire

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  • Life is Like a Tire

    Now that I’m past Seven-Three,
    taking Stock of What ails Me.
    Searched for Something to Compare,
    chose a Tire filled with Air.

    Trying hard to Cast my Luck,
    being Vain as any Buck,
    Wimpy tires Want to Shun,
    I Select a Big Truck One.

    Once brand New with Lots of Tread,
    fearless Of what’s up Ahead.
    Grip the Roads in weather Bad,
    lesser Now but Just a Tad.

    Miles pile Up and Fast at That,
    though Can fix When even Flat.
    Limp along – Stretch out some More,
    even Though know What’s in Store.

    Now the Tread is Almost Bald,
    Golden Miles is what It’s Called.
    Hope when Reach that Final Bump,
    Eco Friendly – Not the Dump.

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    A life well lived is what I read! What more could a person want than to be 'used up' by love?


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      Been extremely lucky in that area - thanks!


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        great ride from this poetry and not even put into 4 wheel drive. most enjoyable.


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          Thank you.


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            What comes to tyres
            when then are done
            Incineration's number one
            but shredded, crumbed
            with tar embalmed
            they grade the road
            in Fin(eco)land Recycled rubber could soon be used to resurface nation's busiest roads

            5 May 2013 - Route to peace and quiet... roads made of old tyres: Recycled rubber could soon be used to resurface nation's busiest roads. ... Recycled car tyres could soon be used to surface roadsacross the country after a pioneering trial found they made roads quieter. One of the busiest roads in .


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              Recycle me - that might be the key. Thanks.