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  • Silentium?

    Silentium -

    I was headed West,
    in the direction of the voice.
    I couldn't find the ends
    To the town I once walked.

    There was that dark cliff,
    A lip poised above the water.
    There was your face, happy,
    Laughing at a joke;
    You and I frozen there.

    I take out my heart
    From the drawer in the air,
    And weigh 'feeling'
    On a nickle-plated scale.

    The cups are cracked,
    The dishes still gleam.

    Every little haunting voice is
    Conveyor of these poetries--
    Haunted by the Soul within.
    Everything we know that means
    The whiteness of snow in dreams.
    And the dimness of morning.

    I do not know, in the end,
    Why the blue leaking light breaks
    Over this faithful, crystalline.
    I haven't found them yet;
    The search for the Silent lands.

    And the voices, when they are
    Gone, even the memory
    Drinking breath of Lethe ...
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    I like that you added a question mark in the title. It sets the stage for the searching nature of this versing. I strongly sense longing behind the observations. Even the finality of the ending ' stops' leaves me wondering if this is the final word.

    Intriguing. Enjoyable. Thank you.


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
      Editing a comment
      I think the final word is silent. I wrote this in the morning, scrambled to my computer, and just had the idea for the title as "Silentium" and the question mark came almost as an afterthought, right as I was posting it; serendipity! Thank you for the comment.
      I long to describe the feeling! Ever-so-fleeting, such likeness to a nymph. Peace RLW. And Love.