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  • Unhinged

    United only in division

    Excited only in derision

    Boris barks Brexit

    Moggies claws exit

    Corbyn’s check list

    Makes an angry fist

    Fisheries part of his rota

    Grabs red herring quota

    May and Barnier strictly

    Out of step so quickly

    Dance a fandango

    Supposed to be last tango

    Deal or no deal

    Deck of cards unreal

    No Aces in the pack

    But jokers by the sack

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    If only it were just a game they were playing...


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      Ooo I like the expressiveness of this one, coupled with your terse word usage. Noticing the different styles you take on, I can relate and appreciate your Art more.
      Such a sweet ending, to weave through out that "dichotomy" you set up, --I'm not political but I "feel" your message.
      Personally, I think the future will hold much, much change we can all get behind, hopefully with less "overstretched" and pitiful attempts at ruling us.
      "Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world." says Shelley.
      So thank you for sharing these thoughts with us. I support you, your writing, and the sentiment I feel behind it.


      • Parkinsonspoet
        Parkinsonspoet commented
        Editing a comment
        Thank you. In a way this was inspired by Dwayne's unmasked although a different format, political situation and content. It was his eloquence that grabbed me and the clarity of his message. I write political commentaries every now and again mainly about the UK, but sometimes America. I always want more from our polliticians.

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      Want more
      Get less
      Countdown to meaningful