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Word of the Day Poem - Froideur

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  • Word of the Day Poem - Froideur

    Mr. Froideur doesn’t feel that great
    Everyone hails him as the wonder, number eight
    He doesn’t feel that way, not one bit
    But a smile he wears upon a throne he sits

    Everyone takes notes upon his demeanor
    The clothes that he wears
    The envy surrounds
    Stories that his grass is greener

    He wants to speak out
    Do not look to me!
    There is nothing that special...
    What do you see?

    Children have items
    Embossed with his face
    He doesn’t understand
    Why it fills every space

    He wants to scream!
    Look to yourself for true glee!
    Why, oh why...
    Do you study me?

    But not a word is muttered
    As Mr. Froideur is surrounded
    Words and pictures fluttered
    Lies and facades compounded

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    Froidier? A word that caused me turn
    to 'look it up' so I could learn.
    Then with a glance (the coolest kind)
    I sat to spend some versing time.

    That roots are French holds no surprise
    they're oft' portrayed as haughty guys.
    I do not know if this be true,
    for Frenchmen that I've met are few.

    But I suspect (though can't be sure)
    they're not unique in this, 'froidier'.

    A lover scorned, a leader mocked,
    have likely each received the shock
    of hot turned cold - no matter why -
    upon response of 'other guy'.

    No longer pals, no longer mates
    no 'warm & fuzzy' supplicates
    to soothe an ear or lend a cure.

    Non ma chérie, que-de-la* froideur.

    *spoken quickly - as two syllables/counts for three

    Apologies to all French speakers out there. Google translate can be a dangerous weapon in the hands on non-native speakers. Comments as to whether or not that last line works would be appreciated (so I can keep learning more)!

    Hope you don't mind my 'playing around' with your word of the day WhatSmada. This is how I learn best. Also, if I haven't already said it, welcome to the zone.


    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
      Editing a comment
      Froidier than thou
      would seem
      more cool
      in ones
      own esteem.
      Froideur needs no Least-to-Most.
      It has no comparative sense, all
      receiving it are Social Toast
      Last edited by Johntee; 11-29-2018, 08:25 AM.

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    Bump. I'm really curious.


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      Froideur never wonders why
      his haughty glance
      his freezing eye
      upsets the riff-raff
      passing by.
      En haut is he
      to lesser beings
      "It's not as if the Ogre
      has feelings!"
      Last edited by Johntee; 11-29-2018, 08:27 AM.


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        That's colder than cold - if not even any response is anticipated because it's not worth the time - wow!