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  • Pondering Birds

    Driving down the road and what do I see?

    A couple of birds staring back at me!

    Their wings are fluttering

    Which has me stuttering

    Oh my, oh my...

    How do they fly?

    Up in the sky...

    Why can’t I?

    Why can’t I?

    I dream to have wings like those...

    But if so, what would happen to my toes?

    I ponder that question, which no one knows.

    What in the sky am I missing?

    They land back down and are always whistling.

    When can I learn the bird language?

    I cry to the sky in absurd anguish!

    Would I be able to eat those worms?

    Pick them up while they squirm…

    I prefer food that holds firm!

    What if there is a bigger bird than me?

    Will they grab me and take me away?

    With their talons that are pointy and gray!

    Maybe land is the place for me.

    With my shelter and the meals shaped for me.