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  • Think of me

    We sit upon the grass today

    I dwell in your caress

    Softly in your hair I play

    While pulling on your dress

    Tender kisses on your face

    Around your neck I glide

    The outline of your form I trace

    My stroke you do abide

    Fingers cross your form in touch

    My courage makes you quiver

    Whispers offer you so much

    With hope you start to shiver

    Yearning for the love I give

    A promise of the day

    Sunshine true and flowers live

    As hearts do run and play

    Out of breath, I leave you friend

    With the hope of many things

    Think of me, the summer wind

    With a sweetened kiss of spring
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    lovely. the ending was perfect too. romantic, with the good command of syntax and delicate moody playful, depicting language. refreshing, i nearly can smell the 💐 flowers. kudos & thanks for sharing your poetry! peace


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      A wonderful rendition displaying the power of suggestion on our memory, perception, and senses. Until I got to 'summer wind' in the second to last line, I had quite different thoughts in mind. I like when a poem does that to me and would that I could write the same.

      Also, if you'd like me to amend your title to 'Think' - I could do that, just let me know.


      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
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        That would leave it treading on A Lloyd-Webber

      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
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        Good point.

      • tmetel
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        Thank you! And yes on the spelling correction.
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