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A Fondness Found Within

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  • A Fondness Found Within

    (to Dad)

    It is my ardent wish
    That somewhere in the realms of heaven,
    Your eyes are set upon the one you loved.
    I see you still in all the ways you saw this world.
    The way you smiled.
    Your warmth still found in sunlight's ray.
    The childish days through which we played,
    All gone and yet these fond and happy thoughts remain,
    To cheer my heart.

    How quick the passing days,
    The hour you went away still real,
    The coldness of your hand an agony within,
    And yet I feel you near me still,
    Forever in my heart.

    Do you see me as I see you,
    In every precious thing you left behind?
    Your parting words so sweetly given
    Despite the bitter fading of your mind.
    These treasures from your caring soul,
    Reminding me forever more,
    You gave your all.

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    So beautiful, touching, it makes me think more and want to put things into perspective; I am moved ...
    From the rhymes and the last line of each stanza... the way you wrote, familiar to my heart, earnest sincere questioning, recognition of higher meanings and truths, bitter reality somehow dissolved.

    I loved it, thank you for sharing, Neil Thomas Fellows. Peace...


    • Neil Thomas Fellows
      Neil Thomas Fellows commented
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      Thank you. I never let my father read any of my poems or stories and I just needed to express to him that he is always in my thoughts even though it's too late to share these things with him. Every blessing to you.

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    Just so, Neil Thomas Fellows , it is just so in the days beyond the time when the one who gave you life has spent his last breath. Beautifully done.


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      Apologies for posting the poem actually. I was tired and emotional at the time. Today would have been my father's birthday and the poem was just a quick first draft. Still, thank you for these kind comments and may we all treasure the days we have together.


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
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        No apology needed. My mother passed last October and my father in May. It has been a long and difficult path thus far, despite the lighter moments. I'm learning every day how to better treasure the gifts they were, taught, and left behind.

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      life well lived. this poem made me sad but it will come to us all and if it is well lived. no one can ask for much more. nice work.


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        A fitting tribute. My Dad never saw any poetry I didn't write it while he was here it came later. Thank you for sharing this


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          Thank you for sharing - tugs at the heart.


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            Sir, you have a talent for the passionate tribute.