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and then we were one

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  • and then we were one

    when you've been in a group for too long, the faces turn to a certain color of metal. and the pins and the screws barely shine as the fall. gravity is a hand placed upon the pendulum ... the swinging is stopped.
    when you've lived in a trance, you begin to remember the familiar words of Blakes "As the air to a bird of the sea to a fish, so is contempt to the contemptible."
    I feel I'm that one so contempt-worthy. sitting in my castle made out of bones, i can't swallow, i won't chew, the already eschewed situation stands. put my hands on another pendulum, watch its dance.
    i feel that Nun נ, the fish in waters of Mem מ ... dancing on shores to horizons that flatten into the fishes jumping. beneath my hands the mountains of flesh-sin. and i can't get out of them. and I start looking for my doppelganger.
    we're pacing, treading, solitude is empty, you said a lie. I couldn't forget how I was the one who believed in it. I couldn't forget how the world had used this gift I thought my own, to such a nasty end. while i watched the present in the box, and i couldn't even understand--
    contempt. contemptible.
    sitting in my throne, am I the large one or the small? I could probably undertake the operation, certainly, to be them both! remembering the fairytale ... the boy sees the "emperor" who can't otherwise be seen. then the relationship is forged. the boy the emperor can't unknow nor unsee ... and I don't know that one's ending. the boy becomes the emperor?
    then they become one.
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