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  • dopeE cokeE road sweeper

    dopeE cokeE road sweeper 10.11.18


    always in the curb

    got to be first point

    huffing and puffing on the herb

    sweeping the camden joint.

    then a spring

    caught me like the drain

    last night blowing a circle ring

    me and a kilo of mary jane.

    now dismissal

    going to be on rock and roll

    future looking dismal

    ganja man taking its toll.

    just us sweepers of the road

    surely not to be effective

    if nationwide then unemployment would explode

    this very morning chasing the dragon with a chief executive.

    going to pour a drink

    don't care about the price

    got work after a 2 hour bed sink

    all fine as waking up to spice.