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Death In Paradise

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  • Death In Paradise

    There has been a murder
    Under the golden sunshine
    The laceration of mind

    Nobody knew what had occurred
    Nobody seemed to care anyway
    Not until their happy lives
    Shatter and decay away

    They thought they can escape
    Their own lives of misery
    Welcome to a darker reality

    All it appears is a fantasy
    So lost into the deep blue sky
    Better wake up sooner or later
    Or you'll be the next one, to die

    Death in paradise
    Why, why, why?
    Summer time
    It's such a lie
    Say goodbye to this life
    Say goodbye to the good times

    Wrong place, wrong time
    There are now bodies in the ocean
    Under the perfect blue sky
    Now with tears to cry

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    A sad poem of reality, Bry. Death comes when it is time. It doesn't care where. (But 'Death in Paradise' is a great comedy/whodunnit murder mystery TV show.)


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      I never realised that the title of this was the same as the TV show. Thanks for that interesting tidbit Although, the working title for this was to be "Murder In Ibiza" but I figured that would be too specific.