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  • Self-Betrayal

    This emotion drives you
    To the very edge
    Claw off your skin
    To see if it changes
    But you will bleed
    Before you can even smile again

    In a state of confusion
    You don't know who you are
    Or what you are
    Tear out your soul
    In exchange for a special fix
    But as you do
    Know you have only just
    Betrayed yourself

    As the world grows darker
    As life itself grows harder
    It got too much
    It got too much
    Now you take this much further
    Until you're satisfied
    But never
    For longer

    All you did was ever so brutal, so reckless
    All you ever did was the killing of your soul

    This form of mutilation
    It didn't need to be
    It didn't have to end up like this
    But now you're lost in the transition
    Between regret, bliss and suicide
    Never be understood
    Never be seen through
    But when you do
    Everyone around you will only see
    The soul without a face