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  • Treasures of a Nation

    It is neither the unfulfilled oaths of the political opportunist,
    nor the demagoguery of hate mongers
    which desecrates this house,
    but the perpetual populous allegiance of the body politic,
    to their personage,
    despite their demonstrable destructiveness,
    which now places this democracy in peril.

    Prejudice as a platform.
    Cruelty as credo.
    Racial superiority as a marketing strategy.
    Their efficacy begs the query:
    at what point is depravity deemed
    sadomasochistic foreplay?

    There is rarely ovation for scrupulously scathing oration,
    and scarce celebration for the travails of change.
    For the price of principle
    both presently proclaimed,
    and subsequently pursued,
    is often ostracism.
    And the reactionary ridicule,
    the respondent revolt
    of those whose deportment
    has been decried, is predictable.

    Persistent and pronounced
    moral outrage as a pre-requisite,
    -and a parallel-
    to active pursuit of progress,
    is the province of martyrdom.

    For epochs exceed a lifetime.
    And he who determines to diligently
    till the stubborn soil
    though he dare not dream
    that he shall ever taste the harvest,
    are a dying breed,
    and in an age of the selfish and apathetic
    far less apt to be cultivated.

    For the treasures of a nation
    need not be gleaned.
    They are easily seen,
    in that for which her citizens strive,
    and the measures deployed
    in attaining the prize.
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    A referendum on the electorate?
    For such, the result must be proportionate,
    not meted out State by State distortionate.


    • DWAYNE
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      True. And those who insist that they oppose the nastiness and still support both, the tactics, and those who employ them, are complicit in perpetuating a dangerously acrimonious condition.

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    Hello Dwayne, This is truly outstanding, especially so the penultimate stanza, a poem in its own standing. I've said it many times, you are a gifted soul and a fine, fine humanitarian. take care now, Tony.


    • DWAYNE
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      I am humbled by your praise.

      Thanks for reading, and the like.

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    I read this aloud and it was so beautiful, caught and caught altogether, I was so happy to hear those familiar rhythms mixed with word patterns, sound and clash and the philosophy and politic. It inspired me much, someone who is more eager now to learn about principality, and already the ideals I know somewhat. Embodiment. Wow, this was a great poem, it soared and thank you for that Dwayne!
    Peace, and Kudos! --


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      Wow every one you post is more more powerful fearless true and beautiful. I wish you could be the poet at a presidential inauguration. If there would be a president worthy.


      • DWAYNE
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        Thanks LG. Let us hope this perilous time is soon to end.

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      All of the above! So many nuggets of truth. Today, this one struck me in particular:

      For the price of principle
      both presently proclaimed,
      and subsequently pursued,
      is often ostracism.

      What enthralls me is that I know folks on opposing sides of our current political divide - and persons in either party could feel you wrote this for them. Wonderful, wonderful versing poet!


      • DWAYNE
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        Principles transcend political party. The character of the nation is being compromised!

        Thanks for reading, and your kind compliment.

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      strength and bravery from this poetry. leader of the pack.


      • DWAYNE
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        Thank you.

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      Informative post, It is a patriotic kind of poem which resembles obviously the treasures of a nation. I really like to read these kinds of articles because they made me feel so patriotic and that is the only feel I love and enjoy. So I would love to thank you DWAYNE for sharing this beautiful post.
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        DWAYNE, My Friend, You are an Old Testament prophet come back again at a much needed time that desperately calls for a clear vision and voice of moral imperative. I can only quote Jeremiah, "His word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones".


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          This is a gem I previously missed the language structure and content make a powerful combination.


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            The founding of a nation

            Though tears and blood and sweat

            Who bore the arms against tyranny

            Politicians soon forget

            The common man, no agenda to advance

            Accept the cause of freedom

            That special interest won’t enhance

            Civility can only exist if we can agree to disagree and rule from common ground. No vote should be considered if not based on our inherited freedom. Not the money that seems to buy them today.

            Good poem Dwayne .