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    How do your fields grow?
    How does the plow know
    What goes into each row?
    How do your fields grow?

    How do the plants spring?
    The song that the fields sing?
    Sun shines on everything.
    Thats how the plants spring.

    Who keeps the soil strong?
    Takes weeds and bugs by the throng?
    Does it with a happy song?
    Who keeps the soil strong?

    When it comes, the time to take
    everything the garden's made
    Could the harvest be all you planned
    or was their poison in the fertile land?

    Though fields may in fallow lay,
    And God's sun throughout the day
    Grow the good and bad each day
    the gardener has a part to play

    Plant good seed, turn rich soil
    Sweat, pluck, prune, and toil
    All these things, a gardener knows,
    For what you reap is what you sow.

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    True words...unless your enemy sneaks in at night and sows weeds among your treasures! Again, I like the lightness of your writing - I feel a bit like I'm skipping along when following the tone.

    Thank you.


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