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The Highwayman (a modern trafficer)

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  • The Highwayman (a modern trafficer)

    The wind a force of nature tunnelling through the barren night streets.

    The streetlights ghoulish shadow makers birth intangible incompletes

    The road watched over by the darks sentinel bathed in its lunar glow.

    And the highwayman came driving—


    The highwayman came driving, up to the crossroads slow.

    He’d a Safety helmet crowning his head and a mobile in his hands

    A bright coat of high visibility, with its silver reflective bands.

    Boots gleam their laces long, tied with a bow, end with steel caps to protect the toes.

    And he strode with a manly swagger,

    His arrogant swagger,

    His cocky walk a swagger, stars a twinkle as he goes


    Over the pavements boots clattered and stomped on the surface of the black tarmac.

    Carried striped cones, spread clones line dancing without steps, crest on chest Cormac.

    An invasion of the short striped minions, cordon with omens signs advertising the fates of those who pass.

    Fates of those who pass

    Planting a light trio to control the trafficking petrol guzzling mass

    That morn there was host of automobiles in their daily rush

    A convoy of the unready unprepared for his coned ambush.

    A highwayman steals time as he strikes a pose in workman’s style not so novel

    Workmans style not so novel

    A highwayman steals time whilst leaning on his trusty shovel.

    This piece is inspired by The Highwayman a famous poem important because it reaches out from the poets corner to the mainstream and is acknowledged by people I know who don't "read poetry" as their favourite poem. This is my tribute to Alfred Noyes

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    pleasure to read. felt I was on road grinding away with him. point of this poetry is. work is going on all the time and with out everyone doing the bit. this country would not run. I understand it could have a hidden sinister side to the reader as is the corruption that is transported ie at night and not legal but the reader has to reach his conclusion and I don't want to corrupt your poetry lol. loved working this out.