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  • Angel Sovereign

    sovereign as angels who will never know;
    thought as whiteness and the heavy snow,
    victims of the darkness unconsciousness is,
    after afflicting what the cones and bones did,
    made of fear to give you what you wanted,
    made of love to make the growth so daunting.
    heavy hands fall on lower worlds, until
    the figures start to move by themselves.
    you didn't expect that they had their own life,
    and you're almost jealous that yours is denied.
    it doesn't stop what the world always does,
    which is split people to make them up.
    it doesn't help that the hurting won't stop,
    and one step further, it doesn't hurt at all.
    but now we don't even think to move,
    and we're trained all in our spots glued.
    now we're too stubborn, and i can't be;
    now my world is the victim of me.

    but I can't stop that it's totally wrong,
    thinking you can control God's song,
    but why not sing and see what it does,
    for fear always was that kind of dud.
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    Hello amenOra, Who dares to walk on virgin snow lest one stains it with the footprints of my victims: leave that to God. Another fine, verse from your wise and poetic counsel. You are in good health, I hope, Tony.


    • amenOra
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      Love your reply, and the same to you, well wishes.
      It's left to God!

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    started of dark and heavy and ended with beautiful notes. well written poetry here.


    • amenOra
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      I sure do love music, to sing with my poetry. Thanks for commenting poemzone. Peace and Love