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Running Rooftops

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  • Running Rooftops

    Running Rooftops

    Running ‘cross the rooftops, chased by the local cops,
    leaping over buildings with a ninety foot drop.
    Freedom keeping blood fired. Chasers getting slow, tired.
    I can see the roof’s door across the gravel top.

    I go thru its open clear, racing down the winding stair,
    jumping three and four steps in descending flight.
    Sweat pouring down my face, cops still giving chase.
    Air is sweet on the street escaping into night.

    I race to the nearby park in the dim made of dark,
    down a lane, ‘cross a path where the green is grass.
    This should be my final caper. Odds against me not in favor.
    If I fail, there is no bail and that will be my last.

    Then I hear a gun sounding. Pain hits my chest pounding
    and I tumble, bleeding liquid on the hardened floor
    where I feel my life seeping, creeping from my body leaking
    as I lay here cold and breathless, dead forevermore.

    I can feel no heart beating. Memories of my thinking fleeting
    back to when I did inflict my crimes of hurt and pain
    which is why I cannot languish here compelled by awful anguish
    to atone for moments my humanity went insane.

    Death is now my waking bell. I repent my sins in Hell
    and pay the price each night to pay the debt that once again
    keeps me running ‘cross the rooftops, being chased by armed cops
    and bleeding ‘til Eternity says my bleeding’s at an end.

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    I wrote this precaution for those who may have to serve penance in Hell for crimes made in Life. Namyh
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      fast flowing poetry with tension and fear and images of the srop in mind. greatly expressed.


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        Poemzone - I was watching a track meet on TV and saw sprinters jumping over hurdles, I thought back in my male youth of living in a big city where the criminal could actually be seen running from the local cops and jumping across a row of residential buildings each separated by an 8 foot wide alley with a 90 foot drop to avoid capture. Ahhh! Those unforgettable Kodak moments of Home sweet Home! LOL. It doubly supplied the tension, the fear and the images and I just wanted the reader to have a good helping of it too. Amazing are our inspirations sometimes. Thanks for enjoying PZ. Namyh