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Turn through dark

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  • Turn through dark

    Don't you listen well
    I could only kiss but never tell
    Just what we're waiting for, I'll never know
    So heavy hangs the balance
    Still I am crushed more by absence

    Oh, honey hardly, how my heart did harden
    Oh, sunny starling, show me something sparklin'

    Caught tight in this Dreaming disease
    Toss and turn but never learn how the tides of time wash over me
    I am the open ocean, an oriole aloft on a cool cutting breeze
    Exhausted wings fold softly, fall into the sea
    I pray this love might rest whole and safe with thee

    Oh, sleeping saker, southward lies the seam
    Oh, heaving haver, hiding holy hands of heme

    Sit me kind and languid amongst the stars
    My head on your shoulder, a simple understanding of heart
    That sadness is not weakness, nor happiness a strength
    Time is not a construct but a killer all the same
    And as light begins so light must fade
    But in it's absence we might find that light lives on inside
    And with all of that in mind
    I would watch the world turn through darkness with your hand in mine

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    passionate and romantic. loved how you put the middle two "couplets" with the multi-rhymes, and the end worked really well. Yeah I think the high point was at "heme" for me. Cool, Bison, thanks for sharing.


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      together for every. thick and thin. nice poetry.