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A simple act

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  • A simple act

    Left again to watch
    the sun's red demise,
    wandering eyes turned
    to the west
    and ponder anew
    what destiny lies
    were fate but to offer her best.

    Left again to sow
    the sinners desire,
    a wandering archetype
    of lust,
    to follow a path that
    Aphrodite inspires,
    withholding only her trust.

    Left again to reap
    in impossible haste
    the spoiled fruits of his dreams,
    on one more ambrosial taste
    to silence the sounds of her screams.

    Left again bewildered,
    angry and damned,
    trapped in his own obtuse plan,
    reflecting on violence
    his passions had fanned,
    and the sunset
    he sees in his hands.

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    This is amazing-beautiful, love the whole thing, what a good first post! (Assuming it's your first poem posted )
    Your rhymes set up a very cool way of organizing the sounds and pace. They seemed so effortless, and effective. The third stanza really got me, had me reeling. And the end was like the ribbon on the present.
    Thanks and Welcome, straightryewhiskey. Do share more if you feel like it.


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      Thank you so much amenOra for your kind words.
      My first post actually is Wood Nymph, this being my second.
      Thank you for your welcome, and again for your comment.


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        a simple act but not a simple poem. pleasure to read with allot of emotion.


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          Hello straightwryewhiskey, To watch, to sow, to reap and left bewildered in a blood red sunset in this brilliantly rendered verse. Excellent! Fond regards, Tony.


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            Left to bloodied hands
            life entrained
            in silken screams