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  • Seventies Party

    It’s red alert a fashion emergency
    Send up the flares back to the Seventies
    A theme night at a small local club
    Return of glam at fancy dress hub

    Tartan and Glitter sparkles and heels
    That’s just the men, wives make up they steal
    Everyone groan so high on platforms
    Tigerfeet were they ever the norm

    Everybody Slade before the spell check
    Noddy out of holder yells for respect
    Under the moon of love mans shows wad
    Buys a round as a Trex starts to plod

    A Twentieth Century Boy Bolan us over
    Osmand claims to be a longhaired lover
    Wild horses guitar screams, air guitar slaughter
    As girlfriends wish men had drank more water

    The man at the back has a Ballroom Blitz
    Drunken stumbles on dance floor grasps tits
    Her alarm goes off as she sings shang a lang
    Bay City Roller is slapped hard with a bang

    All sing along to anthems of youth
    In the morning the hangover truth
    Blockbuster night although it was sweet
    Fashion of seventies would not repeat
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    Hello Parkinsonspoet, I remember it all and you have captured it brilliantly. Like reading an old diary whilst cringing at what we dared to wear. Well done, a great verse indeed. All the best to you, Tony.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Thank you Tony This was a bit frivolous but you are kind. A gentleman as always

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    I find it invaluable this sort of experience distilled, and as a younger generation, that period for me has changed (the way I see it, from hearing first hand accounts) and yet still what remains is the fact that those who were there talk about how miraculous things were. This was dense, poet. Along with the cool use of language rhythms, crisp rhymes.
    Nearly 50 years ago, and I feel like a part of me is truly back there, yet I'm merely 30. So much changed back then, and I am glad to see more poetry/knowing of the infamous 70s.
    Ps Some of the references like proper nouns were lost on me, but I can appreciate how it would not be lost on someone from there Thanks for sharing. Good poetry.


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      Parkinsonspoet - The Transporter is no longer on the Enterprise. It's right here parked in the Rhymezone. This was great and I remember that time so well. My memories flooded back, the music, the bands, the dancing, my old hush puppies. Whoa! Thanks P for resurrecting some of yesterday and it's much missed breath of fresh air. It was a time of wonderful innocence and low cost drugs. Now you got me all misty eyed and I can't find my Holiday Inn towel anywhere. LOL. You did real good P. Namyh
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      • Parkinsonspoet
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        A time of innocence yet full of guilty pleasure. I am pleased my enterprise was so worthwhile Thank you.

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      Someday well look back at our present fashions and laugh as well. Good one as always!


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        Crocs? who needs to look back to laugh


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          good old day. great remembrance poetry and a flash back will be taken place to most readers. very insightful to life in the 70 or the parties of the 70's.


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            Ah, the 70s. My least favorite decade of my life. But the music was good. As is this poetic reminder. Thanks for the remembrances, at least the good ones, Pp!
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