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  • Grantalization

    When to Use Them – When to Not?
    Big or Little I forgot?
    Now I’m Oldest – Far past Grown,
    Made up Rules of my Own.

    First Word Sentence to Beginning,
    tired of First One always Winning.

    People Names and Proper Nouns,
    kind of Biased how this Sounds.

    Firstest Word of any Quote,
    in My Mind that Doesn’t Float.

    Days, Months, and Holidays,
    but Not Seasons – cannot Praise.

    For most Words within Said Titles,
    ratchets Up my Body’s Vitals.

    Cities, Countries, People’s Speech,
    not a Lesson want to Teach.

    Periods to Historical Events,
    may Not fit Rhyming Contents.

    Any Rules that I have Missed,
    Capitalization’s Bottoms’ Kissed.

    Point to Make – Word to Tout,
    want a Word to Laugh or Shout.
    Letter Here – Letter There,
    a Big Letter Anywhere.

    There’s no Rules in Bob’s Rhyme Nation,
    known as just GRANTALIZATION.

  • #2
    Bob - I love your word creativity demonstrated here. And even if there are no rules in Bob's Rhyme Nation, I feel like a citizen and I've been been Grantalized!! Hallelujah! Inventive work Bob. Namyh


    • #3
      You sure do know what you're doing, and I love the finished product. Formatting and all. Take care, be well


      • #4
        Thank you both - means a lot!


        • #5
          Rules give you Reference Points. Bob gives you Points Well Made with Smiles.


          • #6
            Thank you. Smiles are good - not enough genuine ones these days it seems. If I can help out in that area - just a little bit - then it becomes the main reason for most of my silliness.