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Fresh Flaked Flint (say that three times fast)

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  • Fresh Flaked Flint (say that three times fast)

    I found a piece of soapstone

    Laid bare upon the ridge

    Took out my knife and honed

    Sharp as new flaked flint

    Smooth as glass the surface

    Pale and chalky white

    I ask myself what purpose

    A stone to feel so light

    Some tool of animist fools

    A headstone, an early grave

    So easily carved

    Yet sharpens up the blade
    Last edited by divot; 10-23-2018, 07:02 AM.

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    Pretty cool I most enjoyed the crisp use of language and the rhymes. Propose, to actually mean "Purpose"? Either way a good poem. Thanks for sharing Divot


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      Thank you, A polished side face down, someone used it long ago. Years ago many grave markers were made of soapstone.


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        Divot - I liked the flowing rhythm of this piece. Made me miss a red handled knife I had a long, long time ago. Hadn't thought about that in years. Whoa! I much enjoyed your work and thanks a lot for the memories D. Namyh


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          Hello divot, What a wonderful observation, and how you have poetized your awareness is most admirable. One to sharpen the mind. All is well with you, I trust, Tony.


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            The irony, to sharpen the tools that leads to ones demise. I’m doing fine, thank you.


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              enjoyable poetry showing how times have changed. poetry not in stone age here