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  • A Penny back Then

    “A Penny for your Thoughts” launched Way back Then,
    Fifteen Hundred ‘round Two times Ten,
    Searched the Web as others Do,
    Facts from There so Must be True.

    Sir Thomas More – Long since Dead,
    His book Published – People Read.
    Not Uplifting was this Book,
    but the Term made People Look.

    If thoughts Given and then Payment,
    in that Time – Today a Claimant.
    For Decedents of that Day,
    no Need now for Lotto Play.

    Take that Penny and then Hock,
    perhaps in Body Armor Stock.
    Over time investment Grew,
    to BMW - Wealth Accrue.

    Take that Penny when you’re Asked,
    Family’s future Is then Cast.
    invest It then few Hundred Years,
    you Will garner Family Cheers.

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    making the most of opportunity's I get from this poetry and maybe investing looking after and make work well your money. I get all this from the poetry and the tittle also suggests to me its about money. really enjoyed reading this. thanks for sharing.


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      A cent that's absent
      something meant
      it shows that you've
      a penny spent.


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        Thanks - a penny saved and all.