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The Growth to Date of Perry the Polliwog

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  • The Growth to Date of Perry the Polliwog

    Perry the Polliwog lived In a Bog,
    Middle Class plot right Next to a Log.
    Played with his Friends and Other things too.
    What you’d Expect young Polliwogs do.

    The Teenliwog years - Not soon Enough,
    got his Legs then though Growing was Tough.
    Girl Teenliwogs with heightened Appeals,
    after he Got his Teenliwog Wheels.

    Draggin’ the Bogs so Far and so Wide,
    a Teenliwog Chick sat right By his Side.
    Frog Hornymones sure running Wild,
    could Never get Them quite Reconciled.

    Real growth Then though No gentle Jog,
    when He became a new CollegeFrog.
    Fair in a Sport so he Went for Free,
    though Struggled long to Get a Degree.

    During those Years he Spied on a Pad,
    Francie the Frog and Boy was he Glad.
    Took many Tries at Times looking Dim
    but Francie relented and Went out with Him.

    He popped the Question in Less than a Year,
    Francie said Yes then Marriage Frontier.
    It took a While then Placed in their Bog,
    a Girl who They named Pearl Polliwog.

    Now DaddyFrog - New venture Indeed,
    worked Very hard to Try and Succeed.
    Perry and Francie helped Her grow Strong,
    lucky when Her Polliwog came Along.

    She named her Penny then The next Stage,
    we were GranFroggers at Our elder Age.
    License to Spoil and surely to Love,
    those Who are Now know ‘bout our Thereof.

    So Perry hopes in Time that Remains
    more Years remain in Life’s cherished Lanes,
    to Watch and to Help as Penny Grows,
    throughout All the Stages of Froggy Plateau’s.

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    Lovely and lovingly rhymed life cycle. Fun stuff Bob!


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      Thank you. Perry might have left a few gaps - covers a "long" time.