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my stalker is called bill and he is old

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  • my stalker is called bill and he is old

    Last edited by poemzone; 01-28-2019, 12:56 AM.

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    Right, I felt that, you have a natural rhythm to your poetry, you express it well, you know just what you mean, and you get it down. I liked the end line, and I can appreciate the poetry you come up with, be it for the cool "flow" or the creativity which piques my interest. You def. got your own style, and in my book that's reason to go on and make something more of it. Good poetry, thanks poemzone!


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      I'm uncertain who this Bill is , but I can most certainly confirm that 17 Oct 2018 is full of shine over here.
      You were quite descriptive - thank you for sharing. ^^


      • grant hayes
        grant hayes commented
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        I think it's 'the old bill', i.e. the police. Confirmed by the phrase 'the blue line'.

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      A sense of suspense in this one poemzone . Now that it's Wednesday, the 17 of October, I wonder if we'll see a sequel or 'rest of the story' tomorrow?